What to Wear to "Prep" Up Your Fourth Of July Pool or Beach Party!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the 3rd post in my "How to "Prep" Up Your Fourth of July" Series. If you missed the previous post, check out the Opening Post and the Decorations Post. This post is all about what you should wear if you are doing a beach party or a pool party for your Fourth Of July Holiday. Scroll through the following three looks to see all of the details about each outfit. 

Outfit #1

Fourth of July Beach/Pool Party Outfit #1

This first outfit is the more sporty version of the three options, although in my opinion, it would still count as preppy. 

Outfit #2

Fourth of July Beach/Pool Party Outfit #2
I am a little obsessed with this outfit, which then again I am MORE than a little obsessed with Polo Ralph Lauren in general. The only thing that I would love is if these swim shorts were a little shorter, to give them a "preppier" feel. 

Outfit #3

Fourth of July Beach/Pool Party Outfit #3

The third and final outfit is all about showing your love for 'MERICA. For swim trunks from Chubbies, to a Yeti hat, Classic Sperry's and a Coast Apparel shirt, it is the perfect outfit for the guy who loves his country. 

Hopefully this post will give all of you guys some ideas of what to wear that will impress the ladies or just to show your American spirit for your beach party or pool party this Fourth Of July. Be sure to check back for the rest of the series. Next up will be "What to wear to either a cookout or fireworks" Fourth of July post. Be sure to follow me on Twitter to keep up with the rest of the series and all of the post here on I am Bryant! 

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