How to "Prep" Up Your Fourth of July: Decorations

How to "Prep" up your Fourth of July: Decorations

Hey guys, Welcome to the second post in my Fourth of July series. If you missed the first one, you can catch up on it Here! So this post is all about decorating for your Fourth of July plans. Now, I know most guys are not big decorators and honestly that includes myself. However, I think that it is something that fits in well with this series, whether if you actually want to get some decorating inspiration, want to help give some ideas to whomever is doing the decorating, or if you are trying to come up with something to impress that special someone this holiday. Thanks to Pinterest, I have found some ideas/inspirations that I hope will be of some help to you.


Photo 1 // Photo 2  // Photo 3 // Photo 4 // Photo 5 // Photo 6 // Photo 7 // Photos 8 & 9 // Photo 10 //

Hopefully you found some ideas from this post, and if you have any another ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments below. The next post in the series which will be what to wear to a beach or pool party will be out very soon, so keep a lookout for it and be sure to follow me on Twitter @i_ambryantw.

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