Friday Inspiration: Preppy Summer Weekend

Hey Guys, welcome to a new series that I plan on doing every Friday called "Friday Inspiration" and it is going to be all about my style. Now for me, my Internship requires me to dress business casual, and the same with my other job, so the weekend is the time when I usually get to express myself through my clothing choices. This outfit is the perfect example of something that you would see me wearing anytime you catch me out somewhere during the Summer months. 

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Some of the pieces in this outfit you can literally catch me in almost any given day. My Ray-Bans are literally my favorite sunglasses ever. And even though I have quite a few pair of shoes these Sperry's are my favorite. My shorts are from American Eagle which means they come at a great price and are great quality. Now this shirt, it is my favorite shirt for Summer. You can find it HERE and it is even on sale right now. 

I hope this post gives you all some inspiration in what you are going to wear this weekend. Hope it's a great one. 

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  1. Great look, Bryant! I'm following you on facebook and instagram! :0)

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  3. I love the look and love the colors too, Simple and cool. Nice post

  4. Replies
    1. Ray-Ban's are my favorite sunglasses, and this pair happens to be my favorite! I wear them all the time.

  5. Love this outfit! Perfect for summer!

    1. Thank You, it definitely is a great summer outfit!

  6. I love that color for summer! I wish I could get my husband to rock that shirt. Love this look!


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