Top 10 Halloween Costumes for College Guys!

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It is almost Halloween, and I would bet that most of you still haven't picked out what you are going to
 wear this year for Halloween, and I say this because I have yet to decide what I am wearing as well. But one thing is for sure, if you are in college, Halloween is a major holiday. I never would have guessed this, but it is true. Here at Radford, they call it Halloweekend, where people start going out on Thursday night and go out every night through Halloween. So, if your school is like ours, this post is for you and here is some inspiration. 

I have compiled a list of the Top 10 Halloween Costumes For College Guys:

10. SWAT Team Vest

This SWAT Team Vest, is a perfect costume for someone who is just looking to go out to some Halloween parties, but doesn't really want to draw a lot of attention to themselves or just does not want to put a lot of time and effort into getting ready. It's very simple, but still suffices as a good costume to wear to a Frat or bar party.

9. Astronaut 

As little kids, it seems like saying you want to be an astronaut is one of those things that is pretty common, I mean it sounds really cool, especially as a kid. But with Halloween, you can live out that childhood fantasy and get this White Astronaut Costume. Luckily it is also a pretty simple outfit, that won't draw too much attention when you are walking around from one place to another and unlike an actual astronaut, it does not require a helmet. 

8. Retro Airline Captain

Okay, so when I first picked this Retro Airline Captain, I assumed they called it a pilot costume, so that is what I am going to call it. Guys, I have picked this one, because girls LOVE pilots. So wearing this costume could definitely help you in the ladies department during your Halloween outings this year. 

7. King 

C'mon, who doesn't want to be a King? I know it's always low key been a dream of mine and that is why I included it on this list. But, I feel like you'd have to be a pretty confident guy to show up in this to a Halloween party, but I am sure that there are plenty of guys out there who could pull this King Robe & Crown costume off. 

6. Military Fighter Pilot

Guys, a lot of my options in this post include being in some kind of uniform, and that is because we all know that ladies love a man in a uniform. This Military Fighter Pilot Costume is great because it is pretty simple, doesn't require having to wear a ton of clothes, and it also looks like it would be pretty comfortable, so you can go out and dance in it, and don't have to worry about getting super sweaty. 

Not gonna lie, this can be a little bit of a cliche costume. I personally wouldn't wear it out, but thats because I don't feel like I could pull it off. But hey, it's college, and it is the perfect costume for a college guy. It just has to be one who is super comfortable with himself and is known as a funny guy, cause that is the type of guy who could really pull of this costume. 

4. Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby (the Leo Dicaprio version) is probably in my top three favorite movies of all time. I would have loved to live in this time period that Gatsby was set in, and that is why I have included this costume in my top 10. It's The Great Gatsby 1920s Tuxedo Costume, and even though it contains a little more clothing than some of the other costumes on this list, it is worth it in my opinion. I think it would work great for a guy who likes to look a little more classy and it would be great for a more formal Halloween party, or even like a Murder Mystery party (which I personally think would be SO much fun). 

3. WW2 Private

Once again fellas, ladies love a man in uniform. Which is why this WW2 Private Costume would be the perfect costume for your Halloweekend. It's basic, but it also looks timeless and will can be a conversation starter when your trying to impress that girl dressed up as a nurse at the bar. 

2. Prince Charming

Some people might disagree and think that this is the worst costume idea possible, but I think that it is the perfect costume. Every girl wants to meet their Prince Charming, and maybe that could be you, even if just for a night, with this Prince Charming Costume

1. Toga

I mean this may be a weekly thing for some of you, but you are usually probably wearing some dirty sheet hoping it passes for an actual toga. But this  Dream Weavers White Toga Costume looks a little bit more realistic than your bed sheet, and can make you look like a fun person to approach at any Halloween event that you attend. It also looks more appropriate than the usual "togas" frat guys try to pass off. 

Obviously, there are several other options, I actually bought a Sailor costume last year. You could also be a firefighter, which is a great idea if you are a pretty fit guy. But these are just the top 10 that I came up with, and I hope that I at least gave all of you some ideas on how you are going to present yourself this Halloween. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means when you click on one of the product links, I do receive a small commission. 

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