The Preppy Guy Guide: New Year, New Goals!

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New Years Resolutions can be tricky. A lot of people can't stand them and do not even attempt to make them, while others love making them. The main problem is that most people do not end up following through with the resolutions. If you have been to a gym during the month of January you know what I am talking about. The gyms are packed during the first month or so of the year, but by mid February they are back to normal. Not that I can say anything about that though, because I am guilty of this as well. But in 2018, I am really hoping and looking forward to achieving some goals for the new year. With a lot of exciting things already on the schedule for my 2018, I really think that it is going to be an amazing year, and achieving some of my goals would make this new year even better.

1. Graduate From College
I mean, I guess you would consider this more of a milestone than a goal, but I am super pumped to be graduating with my B.B.A. in Marketing this May. A lot of my other goals have something to do with this major accomplishment so I felt like I had to include it. 

2. Get Healthier
This honestly is a lot of goals wrapped all into one. I want to get healthier, but a lot of things come into play with this. I want to start eating healthier so that I can feel better and so that I can lose weight and be less stressed. I won't even try to lie about it, once I went off to college I gained about 25 pounds. When you leave home, you never cook, so you are constantly eating out with your roommates. Not to mention we would go out for milkshakes literally five days per week last year. So a major goal of mine is to try to lose that 25 pounds before I head to Australia for a three week study abroad with my university after graduation in May. And if any of you have any diet, healthy eating, or weight loss program tips, I would love to hear them in the comments below. 

3. Start Working Out
I guess one could argue that this would fall into the previous goal, but I am going to make working out its very own goal. I honestly need to learn exactly how to work out. I mean I know the basics, like running, walking, jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups, etc. However, I've never been one to do hardcore workouts or lift weights or any of that. Most people start doing that kind of stuff in high school, but I quit sports during my 8th grade year of middle school. So my goal is to learn how to do workouts like that. I am hoping after I graduate and get back from Australia, I can join some type of gym that has a program for people to train with you to be able to learn all of the different kinds of workouts. If you have any ideas about different gyms or programs that I could do, I would love to know about them in the comments below. 

4. Get A Big Boy Job
I don't know if it is just me, or if it is normal when you are getting to graduate college, but I am very nervous about my future. I want to be able to start a full time job basically the moment I get back from my trip to Australia. I have student loans to pay off, and with my current sales associate position I will not be able to afford to live and that makes me very nervous. In the area where I live and even the area of where my college is located, marketing/public relations/management jobs are not really that plentiful, and the ones that they do have, people seem to keep them for as long as they can. My goal is to be able to find something that I am going to like, that makes a decent amount of money for a new professional, and be able to live within a couple of hours from my family for at least a couple of more years. This is something that I am really praying about and it is a major goal for me this year.

5. Grow My Blog/Social Media Following
Between school and working, I have not always had the most time to dedicate to blogging. But, I love doing it, and I want to continue doing it. Therefore, I really hope to be able to grow my blog and social media following in 2018. I would like to eventually be able to monetize my blog, maybe 2018 will be my year? 

These are my main goals for 2018, and as cheesy as even I think New Year's Resolutions can sometimes be, I think that they can also be a good thing. Sure, someone saying "New Year, New Me" is a little bit overrated in my opinion, but my goals are ones that will help me to better myself and my future and I am really hoping and praying that I will be able to achieve them all this year. 

Do you have any New Years Goals this year? I would love to hear about them. I would love to hear about them either in the comments below or on one of my social media accounts. 

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