The Preppy Guy Guide to Christmas Break

2:04 PM

Christmas break is finally here for us college students, and after a crazy busy semester I know that I am more than ready for it. However, spending a whole month at home can become a bit boring, so here are some tips to make your Christmas Break great! 

1. Visit your grandparents - That is for those of you who are lucky enough to have grandparents live in your hometown. This is one of my favorite parts about coming home for the holidays or anytime of the year really. Simply just going over to their house and sitting down with them and telling them how your semester went will make their day.  

2. Watch some Christmas movies - Christmas movies are one of my favorite parts about Christmas. Yea, sometimes they can be a little bit cheesy, however it would not be Christmas without sitting down to watch a couple of movies on Hallmark.  And of course, you couldn't possibly watch a Christmas movie without fixing some hot cocoa to sip while you watch. 

3. And after Christmas, find some other movies/shows to watch - After the actual Christmas Holiday, the boredom can definitely start kicking in, which means it is the perfect time to watch some new movies or even some of your old favorites. It's also a great time to catch up on some of the television shows that you did not have time to watch during your hectic semester.

4. Hang out with your high school friends - Another great part about being home for the holidays is being able to see your friends from high school. When you all go to different colleges, the holidays and summer break are pretty much the only times that you will be able to catch up with your buddies from high school. Always make sure that you plan a time to see them, even if it is just going to each other's houses and hanging out. 

5. Plan time to hang out with your siblings - Especially if you have younger siblings. Even if you fight with them constantly, chances are, they probably secretly miss you while you are away at school. Be sure to make time to catch up with them, they will really appreciate it. I always love coming home and talking to my sister about everything that is going on in her life. 

6. Go to all of the sales after Christmas - The sales after Christmas are always amazing. Things get marked down to half off or more and it is a great time to stock up on your winter wardrobe, especially if you received some money from your family for Christmas. 

7. Get rested up and prepared for the Spring semester - After a super crazy Fall semester, I really need to get prepared for spring semester. My plan is to try to get more organized, I'm thinking I might buy a planner like this one I also am going to focus on getting plenty of sleep and you should too.

Have any other tips or plans that you have for Christmas break? Share them with me by leaving a comment. 

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