Why Season 4 will be Southern Charm's Best Season Yet!

Southern Charm is a show that has been airing on Bravo since 2014. It's a very different show than the usual shows on Bravo because half the main cast are guys, similar to Vanderpump Rules. It's set in Charleston, South Carolina and it focuses on a group of friends while they try to navigate their social lives and professional lives in Charleston. The trailer for the fourth season was just released this week and OMG it is going to be GREAT!! As one of my favorite shows I am super excited about it. After all, this is a Southern lifestyle blog and this show is basically THE Southern lifestyle show.

The main cast is comprised of seven main cast members this season. Among those returning to the show are Thomas Ravenel, Kathryn Dennis, Cameran Eubanks, Shep Rose, Craig Conover and Landon Clements. Whitney Sudler-Smith is not retuning to the show as a full time cast member this season, but is shown a couple of times in the trailer, so I assume he will be making some "Friend of" the casts appearances and he is also still an executive producer. Taking his place is newbie Austen Kroll who is buddies with original cast member Shep Rose, and from the trailer, I am really excited to watch Austen this season.

Now let's talk about the trailer.
1. Where is Whitney? 

And more importantly where is his mother? Whitney is seen a couple of times in the trailer, but not very much and the same goes for his mother. With Whitney being an EP and with bravo green lighting another Southern Charm set in Savannah, I say that Whitney was too busy to film a lot this season. But honestly, Whitney has by far been the weakest cast member story line wise in my opinion since season one, so him making guest appearances sounds like a better gig for him anyways.

2. Cameran throws her birth control away. 

The last couple of years since getting married Cameran has been trying to decide if she wants to have kids or not. Her husband (who doesn't film for the show) wants kids according to Cameran, but last season she wasn't quite sure if she wanted kids. But in the trailer Cameran is seen telling her mom that she has thrown away her birth control. So has Cameran changed her mind about having kids? I can't wait to find out. Side note: If Cameran does have a baby, it will be adorable! 

3. What is going on with Landon and Thomas? 

Last season there were a lot of rumors that there was something going on between Landon and Thomas, both of which denied the rumors and said that they were both friends. But it looks like we might get to learn more about this relationship this season. At one point Cameran says to Kathryn (wait I thought they hated each other) that something? changes her whole opinion of Landon.

4. Thomas claims Kathryn won't take a drug test. 

I'm honestly not even for sure what is going on between these two at this point. but we are going to get to see a lot more of this train wreck this season. Rumors were swirling after season three ended that Kathryn would not return for the new season, but of course she is indeed back. At one point in the trailer, Thomas is shown saying that Kathryn refuses to take a drug test because she knows that she will fail it. 

5. Are Austen and Shep competing for a girl? 

So new guy Austin is basically Shep's protege apparently, however it looks like they might have some drama this season. In earlier seasons before Craig had a serious girlfriend, it was usually him and Shep fighting over girls, but now it seems like Austen and Shep will doing the fighting. Shep asks Austen if he is seeing a girl named Chelsea and Shep does not seem very happy about it. Then Austen tells Shep, "You looked at me and said you don't have enough money for her bro" so I think its going to be an interesting situation. Austen looks like he is probably younger than Shep, and he is also a good looking guy, kind of like Craig, and Craig and Shep have had their issues in the past. 

6. Why is everyone being mean to Craig? 

I am not going to even lie, Craig is my favorite guy on the show, just as Cameran is my favorite girl on the show, so I will always root for Craig. But this season, it seems as if the rest of the cast is not. Craig's beautiful girlfriend, Naomie is seen having an argument with Craig about the fact that he is still not lawyer, despite him finishing law school back in season one. And then guest cast member Danni is seen yelling at Craig saying "Craig you are about to lose a lot of f*****g friends." Then we see Craig and Shep having an argument because Craig is mad at Shep. 

I think that this is going to be an amazing season, maybe even the best yet. I guess we will find out when it premieres Monday April 3rd, at 9/8c. 

Southern Charm Will Return for Season 4 This April: Get Your First Look: Pack your bags! We're heading down to Charleston for more fun and feuds when Southern Charm returns for Season 4 on Monday, April 3 at 9/8c.

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