The Preppy Guide To Golfing!

Golf is a popular sport among many preppy guys (and girls), and it is also a sport where you actually have to pick out something to wear more than a pair of athletic shorts and a shirt. Because, it seems like everybody who you see on a golf course is always dressed like they are playing in a tournament, even when they are not. In this post I am giving you guys an idea of how to dress for a day out golfing with the boys.

The Preppy Guide To Golfing!

This whole look is from Adidas Golf. It's a pretty basic look and I choose a darker color scheme because that is what I was feeling today. Most of the items are called a "dark slate" blue and I am really feeling this color. One awesome thing about golf clothes is that they are actually super comfortable. The polos and the shorts both feel like you are just wearing regular workout clothes, but look a lot nicer. So if you have never been golfing before or just usually don't look up to par of how everyone else dresses when they go, if you follow this guide, you will be looking like a pro. Now, I can't promise the same for your playing.

1. Shoes // 2. Sunglasses // 3. Socks // 4. Belt // 5. Hat // 6. Polo // 7. Shorts //

Now Adidas Golf also carries clothes for both women and children, so if you want to be your girl something to wear for when you take her golfing, or for your little one, they have something for everyone.

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  1. I love your picks! They are so sharp! I want to get the polo for the hubs!
    xo Debbie |


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