My Style: 21st Birthday

7:33 AM

Button Up, Southern Tide--Vest, Vineyard Vines--Jeans, Rock Revival from Buckle--Boots, L.L. Bean--Sunglasses, Ray-Ban--Hat, Polo Ralph Lauren from Belk 

From the time that we are teenagers we all can't wait until the day that we turn 21. When you're young you really believe that once you hit 21 that you are a full fledged adult. That is partially one of the reasons why people are so excited for their 21st birthday. I mean sure turning 18 is also a huge milestone and some might consider that being an adult, but at the same time most people are still a couple of months shy of graduating high school when they turn 18. But does 21 really make me feel like an adult? Not really. I always say that while in college where most of our parents still support us in some aspect, we are really just practicing being adults where we will hopefully be ready for the main event once graduation rolls around. But being 21 is exciting, I mean you can finally go to a restaurant and order a drink which really is a great feeling. Since I'm currently on Spring Break right now and didn't end up going anywhere this year, I just came home for the week and went out with my parents yesterday. This was a much calmer day for me than I would've had if I would've been away this week, but it was still a really good day. I tried to keep my outfit pretty normal and of course preppy. I opted for a Southern Tide button up and put a Vineyard Vines vest over it. I paired it with some jeans from Rock Revival and I wore LL Bean Boots. For accessories I am wearing a Polo Ralph Lauren hat and a pair of Ray-Bans. Links are above for all of the products. 

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