Why Bravo's "Summer House" deserves a second season.

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Last Monday Bravo's "Summer House" concluded its first ten episode season and what a season it was. Basically the show is about nine people, most of whom are friends or who have rented a summer house together before, living in a summer house in Montauk. Now, I of course love Southern Charm, and this show remind me SO much of SC and that's why of the many reasons that I fell in love with it. Side note: I actually didn't even watch the first episode until last week, and then I ended up watching all of them within a two day period. 

One great thing about the show that I love is the clothes that the cast wears. There is plenty of white in all of their wardrobes and I LOVE IT!!!! 

Summer House wouldn't be the same without the Wirkus twins. Their names are Ashley and Lauren. They are legit hilarious and seeing their bond as twins is one of the highlights of the show. I also love Carl Radke, who has a summer fling with Lauren, and half of Montauk. All jokes aside I really like Carl and I think that he is more than likely a really great guy. I also real enjoyed watching Carl's friendship with Stephen McGee. When they are together they crack me up and I think that if Summer House does get a season 2, these two should definitely be apart of the cast. 

Then we have Lindsay Hubbard and Everett Weston. They are the only official couple on the show, but that doesn't mean that they don't have their issues. They pretty much had a fight almost every episode it seemed like. But I do think that they actually care about each other so I hope that they will find a way to make it work. Lindsay's roommate and gossip blogger, Cristina Gibson, is also apart of the show. Actually let's be honest every reality show needs its drama and Cristina was the show. But at the same time, most of her drama happened with Lindsay and Everett and most of the things that Cristina did, I honestly didn't feel like she was being spiteful, in most situations I feel like she was just trying to help. And I don't think her problems with Lindsay are all her fault, they both need to take the blame for it. 

Kyle Cooke is also a HUGE part of why Summer House was such a good show. He is legit hilarious. His drunken antics made for great TV and even though he spent most of the season trying to figure out if he wanted to be with his girlfriend, Amanda, while still hooking up with her, or stay single while hooking up with a couple of other girls. But, I really enjoyed watching him, in my opinion he is kind of like the Lisa Vanderpump of Summer House, so he should for sure be back if a second season is given. 

So why should Summer House get a second season?? Well I have listed several reasons above and there are countless more. It is honestly a really good show and it kept me entertained for the whole entire episode. I also think that the cast is perfect and they should all return for another season. So C'mon Bravo, give us more Summer House! 

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