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So far on the blog I have stuck mostly to Preppy Style and TV post, but I also am very interested in talking about the Preppy Lifestyle in general and that is what I intend to do with this post today. I am getting ready to move into a different apartment for my senior year of college this upcoming fall, and I am in the middle of trying to figure out how I want to decorate my bedroom this time around. My current room honestly doesn't look like anything special. I am really not that good at trying to figure out how I want something to look when I have to live in it everyday. However, I think that the bedding in one's room kind of sets the tone for the whole room and you can kind of decorate everything else based on that. Upon searching online for different kinds of bedding, I have found that my favorite picks so far are all from Southern Tide. I would bet that almost any guy that considers himself remotely preppy owns a couple of things from this company, I know that I do. But, I wonder how many of you know about their bedding collection? Well I can tell you that like their clothing, it is very reasonably priced and also it is super nice. Guys do not want anything that is going to be super complicated to deal with on their bed. We do not need 50 decorative pillows on our bed. That is why I believe most guys would really like Southern Tide's line. It's pretty simple, but also gives off a very preppy feel. 

Skipjack Quilt- Starts at $99.99 and it comes in Navy and a Stone color. It is very simple, it is a very good price and I think that it looks great. 

Skipjack Chino Comforter- Stars at $79.99, it comes in multiple colors, several that would look great for a girl's room. You would want to purchase a couple of pillows to give this one a little bit of character but it is a great option. 

Starboard Comforter Set- Starts at $179.99. It is a bit more expensive option, but it is also comforter set. It is reversible so you can either have the side like the picture shows or flip it over for a solid nautical grey. It comes with the comforter, two shams, and the bed skirt. 

Embroidered Skipjack Breakfast Pillow- $39.99 and is just a basic logo pillow that would go great with any of the options. They have it a couple of different colors as well.

Skipjack Chino Splash Decorative Pillow- $29.99 and is also available in a red version with blue cups. This is my favorite pillow and I think it just captures the essence of a college guy, even the non preppy ones. 

I hope that I have possible given some of you guys some ideas of how you could spice up your bedroom. There is also several options that I think that the preppy girls would love as well. 

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