A Preppies Guide On What To Wear To A Graduation

Graduation season is upon us once again. Whether you are going to your buddy's college graduation, or your little brother's or sister's high school graduation the dress code is still basically the same. You do not want to steal any of the thunder from the graduates as it is their day, but you also do not want to be underdressed and embarrass your graduate. I thought this would be the perfect topic for me because I am attending my roommate's graduation this weekend. There are several different articles out there about what guests should wear to a graduation, but how do you stay true to ourselves by staying preppy but also do not show up the graduates with our attire?

For The Graduation That is Outside and it's super hot outside:

If your graduate is having the ceremony outside and it is supposed to be super hot that day shorts are still a no go. But Instead you could wear like this one from Brooks Brothers. The Milano Fit Houndstooth Line and Cotton Chinos will look perfect with the Slim Fit Supima Cotton Performance Polo and these Tie Driving Moccasins

For A Graduation That is indoors or outside on a nice day:

If the ceremony is going to be inside or it's going to be a nice day outside you should probably opt for a button up. This look features a Polo Ralph Lauren Standard Fit Cotton Shirt and Slim Fit Linen Pants. And for this outfit I would go with a classic pair of Sperrys.

For The Preppie On A Budget:

I realize that not everyone is looking to drop a couple hundred dollars on an outfit to wear to someone else's graduation, but their are still a lot of options for preppies on a budget. American Eagle is a great brand for this. This Short Sleeve Oxford Shirt and Extreme Flex Slim Straight Chino would go perfect with Sperrys.

These are all some really great options if you are trying to figure out what to wear to a graduation ceremony. Remember also to keep your hair looking well kept and maybe throw on a great pair of sunglasses like a pair of from Ray-Ban.

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