Summer Wishes '17

Another year of college is officially over and I could not be more thankful. I am even more excited about this semester being over because that means I only have one more year left until I graduate college. That is a huge milestone and I am so excited to see what is next. However, my summer won't be all relaxation and fun unfortunately. I am working not one, not two, but three jobs this summer. I am doing a Marketing Internship in my hometown that is unpaid. Because of that I am also working at my old job in my hometown as a front end manager at a local grocery store, while also going back to Radford two days a week to work at the department store I work at during school. Oh, and I almost forgot I also have two online summer classes. So yes, it is summer but it will be a very busy one for myself. But that does not mean that I am not super excited for this summer. I have a cruise booked with my family to The Bahamas next month and I have found several things that are inspiring my looks for summer and I am adding all of them to my wish list. I hope that I give all of you some inspiration too.

Summer Wishes


1. Seersucker Blazer // 2. Painkiller Bowtie // 3. Skipjack Flag T-Shirt // 4. Stars n' Stripes Hawaiian Shirt // 5. Seaside Floral Breaker Pants // 6. Pony Baseball Cap // 7. Classic Fit Polo Prepster Shorts // 8. Stars & Stripes Slippers  // 9. White Pineapple Swim Trunks //

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  1. These are great looks, Bryant! Very festive! Hope you enjoy your trip!


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