What Would Bryant Wear: A Day At The Lake

Usually on here I am posting about outfits that are a little dressier, but this post will be a little different. I mentioned previously that I had a very busy summer from doing an internship, working two jobs and doing two online summer courses, and I have been in full swing of all of that this week. However, I would much rather be at the lake. My friend Lindsay pretty much lives at the lake during the summer and I have been incredibly jealous of some of her snapchats this week. But, she inspired me to do this post. I, myself think that this would be the perfect outfit to wear to the lake. No it's not swimwear, but I am talking about if you were to go fishing or you are just hanging around having a picnic. This would be the perfect outfit for me if I was going to be doing one of those things. To me, Columbia is one of the most comfortable brand of clothes that I have ever tried. I am in love with their vests, I wear them to work over a button up quite frequently. I think that the hoodie would be perfect, it's light enough to not burn you up, but still keep you warm at night, and you could always take it off very easily if you started getting hot, which is why I included the T-Shirt so that you can have something on under the hoodie in case that does happen. I also just really love these shorts and no I did not realize that this was basically a 'MERICA outfit until just now. But I love my Red, White and Blue. Which actually ends up making a lot of sense because Columbia is currently having a Memorial Day Sale which is 25%. 

Hoodie // T-Shirt // Shorts 

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