Summer '17 Carnival Cruise

11:38 AM

As I have mentioned previously this is a super busy summer for me. So busy that the week before last I worked a total of 53 hours and completed around 60 assignments to finish up my summer classes. But, I finally was able to have a week of relaxation last week as I set sail to The Bahamas aboard the Carnival Elation. This was my fourth cruise with Carnival and as expected it was excellent. I absolutely love going on cruises. For one, the food is amazing, I have a couple of pictures of dishes pictured below, however I forgot to take pictures of the majority of my meals. The entertainment staff onboard was also amazing. I love going to to the different events that are hosted on the boat. They have tons of different trivia games that they host, and I also love going to watch bingo, especially on this boat where the activity host named Connor made something as boring as bingo super fun to watch and play. The night time shows were also amazing as to be expected. The cast of dancers and singers were amazing. I also love going on cruises because I love to be able to wear cruise wear outfits, which I also forgot to get many pictures of during this trip. This cruise we got to visit Nassau and Half Moon Cay both of which are located in The Bahamas. I had been to each previously on my first cruise back in 2013 actually, but I was very excited to go back. I honestly think working onboard of a Carnival ship would be so much fun. I am already trying to talk my parents into taking another one after I graduate college next May. Scroll through the pictures below to see some of my trip and if you have any questions about cruises in general or what to do at these ports, just send me a tweet, I would love to answer them. And if any of you are trying to decided between which cruise line to book a cruise on, Carnival is definitely the right choice, they are the FUN ships. 

At the port of Nassau featuring "The Atlantis" Resort. 

I got so sunburnt this day from just laying out, I looked like a real lobster.

Loved the fresh fruit cocktail for Brunch. 

The Carnival Elation docked in Nassau. 

This Mango Swirl was clutch. 

I'm basic but I loved this pork chop with whipped potatoes.

While docked in Half Moon Cay. 

Not even kidding, the Carnival Chocolate Melting Cake is the best cake I have ever had. 

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